Become a volunteer and support your community


If you are a local charity, a voluntary or not-for-profit organization, a public or private sector organization we can help you source volunteers and support you with their management.

Our policy at CAMAD is not to 'park' volunteers but to build an ongoing rapport between ourselves and the volunteer, and with whichever body they choose to volunteer.  In fact the more partnered with organizations we are the better everything flows.  As the volunteer hub for the area we feel that the more we talk to each other as organizations - the more we can share our resources and ideas - the more fully engaged our volunteers will be and the more productive and efficient we can be in serving the community at large.

Our volunteer opportunities are only as relevant as the information we receive about them.  To this end we send forms to organizations each year requesting up to date contact information, changes of details etc and we do ask they are returned as promptly as possible.  If you are a new organization please let us know and we will send you this form.

We promote all opportunities on the appropriate part of this website, on the WCVA website, in the office, in monthly newsletters and through the social media.  We are happy to receive any of your print that we can use to further promote your organization and are always more than happy to discuss ways we can work together to recruit volunteers.

Use us!  When it comes to volunteering, connectedness is everything.