Become a volunteer and support your community

Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering is where employers actively encourage their employees to take up volunteering in and for the local community. This can take many forms, from allowing time off to volunteer, to organising team challenges or incorporating volunteering into personal development plans.
The benefits are clear to see.  Most evidently employees can gain new skills and motivation.  In fact it can offer a variation on the routine that many workplaces themselves cannot.  Insights gained from an alternate work environment feed back and benefit the company, who in turn meet their corporate responsibility aims whilst making a difference to the community.

On the most basic of levels it's fantastic PR for any company but things are rarely that superficial!  Imagine a workforce really energised and inspired through volunteering.  Imagine being the sort of company that fosters that kind of engagement!  

If you are, or aspire to be, one of these companies talk to us - we can help you find suitable placements for your employees, and support them all the way.