Become a volunteer and support your community


Voluntary work

Hafal depends on volunteers to deliver its local services, with over 100 volunteers currently working in projects across Wales. For more information on volunteering opportunities in your area, contact your local Hafal project.

Induction and training

At Hafal we are keen that our staff are fully trained, and that they have continuous opportunities for further development.

New staff take part in our intensive induction training programme. This provides a thorough grounding in the practices and policies surrounding serious mental illness in Wales.

Each Hafal employee also has an 'Individual Learning Log' that continually records their training and development. This is regularly discussed and updated with supervisors. Service providers will receive frequent Empowerment training so that they can provide Hafal's client-centred service to the highest standards.

Every three months, Hafal runs all-staff training days in Builth Wells. Apart from giving colleagues and Trustees from across Wales the chance to meet up, the day also encourages everyone to share ideas and opinions about the running of Hafal. Workshops and seminars on a variety of topics are run throughout the day, which ends with a group task.

Hafal Ethos

Hafal is committed to actively opposing all forms of discrimination. We take positive steps to implement policies and practices which counter direct and indirect discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, disability, age, ethnic origin, nationality, commitment to dependents, religion, marital status or political belief. We are also committed to employing people with a direct experience of mental illness.