Become a volunteer and support your community


  • The Foot Care Clinic service is run by trained volunteers and includes basic foot care, nail cutting and information about suitable footwear.
  • Cost is £6.00 per session.
  • It is also possible if the client needs it for them to be referred to other specialist services such as the Falls Clinic based in Machynlleth Hospital.
  • The clinic is open every second Thursday between 9.30 and 12.00.
  • The clinic is very successful so far with many happy clients. You will need to make an appointment if you wish to join the service.
  • CAMAD needs more and more volunteers to support this service as well as other opportunities for volunteering.
  • If you would like to help people in your local area or you have specialist skills and want to use them in the community contact CAMAD for further information: 01654 700071.